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Valthirian Arc guide

2010-04-29 23:29:44 by queenofbabes

This is a guide to playing Valthirian Arc. My focus is on the most effective way of playing this game so as to survive as long as possible, so it's not going to list every single bit of info about this game. If you're curious you can probably find them in the "Official wiki".

All self-explanatory, shall not bother to list them here. Just play the game well, which is what my guide is trying to teach, and you will net them all along the way.

The Game

Your job as the principal is to enrol students, train them and graduate them. You are assessed at the start of every month (the girl with the bunny will painstakingly remind you every time) according to your fame points. You earn fame in two ways: graduating students and winning tournaments.

Leveling up

Students level up by gaining LP. You gain LP by sending groups of 4 students to perform quests. There are two types: errands and hunts. I shall now make the disclaimer that I do not exactly know how LP is awarded during quests, but generally hunts provide more LP than errands. So as much as possible go for hunts. More difficult hunts have more difficult enemies and give more LP. Of course, the more LP, the better. The best hunts are, in order:

Hungry wolves (4 stars) **This is the best hunt. Many enemies**
Barbaric encounter (4 stars) **Fewer enemies in general, so less LP**
Divine intervention (5 stars) **Toughest enemies, but only a small number of them. Little LP**
The rest.

Exploiting the Stupid AI

The pathing AI in the hunts is rather clumsy. After you play through a couple of hunts yourself you'll see for yourself: your guys are getting stuck at all sorts of places. Now the authors gave you the "gather" ability (press shift) to counter this, but the enemies don't have this luxury. You'll find instances where the enemies are stuck across the water "tiles". Now, your ranged warriors (mana scholar, gunslinger, sorceress or mirage caster) have a range longer than one "tile". Thus as long as you're fighting melee, simply do this:

1) Make sure your party has at least one ranged warrior.
2) When the hunt starts, RUN!!!! to the nearest safe place with water one "tile" across. Quickly press shift in case some stragglers were left behind.
3) Those enemies chasing you are probably now helplessly stuck across the water. Your ranged warrior takes free shots at them.
4) When they die, it's time to lure the rest of them to your little safe spot. Disable assistance (press W) and send one guy out to find the enemies. They will chase you when you approach: lead them back to the tile *across* the water from where your party is (i.e. where the enemies were being helplessly killed just now).
5) Quickly select another guy and press shift. Your scout is now teleported to safety, but the enemies are, again, stupidly stuck on the other side and getting killed by the ranged warrior.
6) Repeat till they are all dead.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to finish these 4 star quests with 4 level 1 students. I did this very often myself for uber-fast leveling. There is a risk though: you might get a bad spawn location surrounded by 20 wolves and you die before you can find a safe place. Thus, until you're comfortable with this tactic, bring 1 or 2 tougher (i.e. level 10+) guys along.

For the same reason I recommend against fighting ranged enemies. Do not attempt the succubus hunt unless you have strong guys or have at least one healer. If the enemy is ranged you cannot abuse the AI =(

Conclusion: ALWAYS GO FOR THESE HUNTS. They net you the most LP, which is what you need.


You use gold to enroll new students and to upgrade the weapon of your students. There is a chance of failing each weapon exam, though that decreases as level increases. Thus I usually wait till the levels are higher before leveling the weapons. Students with better weapons are worth more fame.


The other thing you want to look out for are the tournaments, which occur on the 2nd week every 2 months (according to the wiki). They don't net you lots of LP, but give you 300 fame points if you win. Four level 24-ish students with decent gear will win you the tournament easily. Try to spend your money on upgrading weapons before sending your students to the tournament. Tactic: once it starts, DISABLE ASSISTANCE (press w). Now manually select each one and target the ranged guys since they have less HP. This focus firing tactic should help a lot.

The apprentice

This guy appears randomly on quests and a warning screen will appear if he does. He's extremely difficult to kill head-on (don't try), but he's melee. So abuse AI as before. He has a ton of HP though, so it might take a while. Trap him behind water, and go grab a coffee.

To change class or not?

At level 10, you can allow your students to change class.
Apprentice --> gunslinger, dragoon or duelist
Mana scholar --> magilancer, sorceress or mirage caster

Students in "advanced" classes are more powerful and have better abilities, though apprentice/mana scholar have a slight fame bonus if you graduate them.

Now, every month there is a specific class "in demand" that nets you 50% bonus fame. Needless to say, only graduate those in demand unless you're in danger of not meeting the monthly requirement.

However, what if the apprentice/mana scholar does not want to change to the class you want him/her to? You cannot dictate what class they become, but their decision may change every time they level up. So a level 10 apprentice may want to be a dragoon, but level him up some more (without changing class) and he might want to be a duelist.

Thus let's say the month is just starting, and dragoons are in demand. You have a couple of level 10 apprentices, who all want to be duelists. Just continue to level them up some more, and they just might change their minds by the end of week 3. In my experience this does not occur very often though, so don't keep your hopes too high. Personally I don't bother with this much and just change their classes at level 10. So far I never really had the need to.

When to graduate?

I typically only train students in quests till level 22-24 or so. I keep these students either for use in tournaments, or wait till their class is in demand before training them up some more and graduating them at the end of the month. Of course, upgrade weapons with your $$ before graduating them. Otherwise I'm usually enrolling new guys and leveling those up. There is no point keeping many level 30 guys around. Typically I'd say only graduate those students in the classes that are in demand. If dragoons are in demand, I'll just graduate ALL my dragoons regardless of their level. You want to take advantage of the 50% bonus wherever possible.

Soooo that's pretty much it for now. Let me know if I've left out any important bits.

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